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DIY Winter Counting Craft

In our house, this isn't the 12 days of anything in particular. Just a fun tradition we have adapted for our family. We made our wall hanging with supplies we had around the house and a branch we found on our last hike.

Before we open the envelopes my kids have fun shouting out the number we are on, in Spanish, of course!

This year, I am filling the envelopes with these beautiful bird memory game cards. What I love so much about this game set is that it comes with a little guide that includes a few sentences to learn about each of the female and male bird pairs. I think you could apply this same idea to just about any card matching game though!

As we open the envelopes each day we will be learning about two new types of birds. I was also pleased that this was such a cost effective way to fill the envelopes. On the last day, we will be ready to play the game and we will already be familiar with the types of birds from around the world included in the set.

Side note: this artist also makes an animal track matching game we love. It's perfect for learning animal names in Spanish because it covers so many that are a little more out-of-the-ordinary.


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