Beautiful Mundo
Volume Two

A full year of immersive Spanish language learning through literature, music, poetry, play, and exploration of the Spanish-speaking world.

For the early elementary years.

Hoping for a September 25th Release Date!

I've had to extend the release date a few times, my family is selling our house and we only have a few weeks to move. I appreciate your patience with me, I'm working as quickly as possible to have this done for you! 

Volume Two will be here before September is over I promise!

What's Included


By using Spanish in our daily lives, playing with our children in Spanish, and enriching our understanding of the language by exploring Spanish-speaking countries and cultures, we will be providing the best possible version of an immersive learning experience right at home. 

Each week, this curriculum will help immerse your family in Spanish in a variety of ways:

- Through reading authentic children's picture books

- Listening to music and learning to sing songs in Spanish

- Reading poetry

- Acting out daily life activities and playing games

- Exploring the culture and history of Spanish-speaking countries

Featuring over 100 songs from musicians including:

Sonia De Los Santos


123 Andrés


Dúo Karma

Volume Two Imagination of a Little Kid.jpg

Meet the Author

¡Hola! Soy Emma Butterfield Corbet. 
I am so happy to have you here!

Beautiful Mundo was born because I believe so deeply in the value of language learning. I believe no matter how unfavorable the circumstances we may be in for raising bilingual children, it can be done. Through teaching our children, we can teach ourselves. What an exciting and beautiful journey to begin! 

Meet the Team of Editors and Artists

Rocío Decurgez

Laura Campbell
United States


Violeta Jaén


Julieta Groshaus