• Emma Corbet

Humberto Ak'abal: Maya Poetry for Children (en español y inglés)

Written by the great Maya poet, Humberto Ak'abal, this beautiful collection of poetry has been carefully selected for younger learners.

I am so excited to have found this book and am honored to be sharing it here with you. It's really a very special collection of poetry and I think you will love sharing it with your children as much as I am enjoying sharing it with mine.

Ak'abal's beautiful poems describe his childhood and life in the Maya K'iche' village of Momostenango, Guatemala. Even though he left school at the age of 12, he always had a great love for reading and published his first book of poetry at 38 years old.

Originally written in the indigenous Maya language, K'iche' (pronounced key-CHAY), Ak'abal also translated his poems into the Spanish language.

Aquí era el paraíso is presented entirely in Spanish and English.

This collections features topics ranging from insects and birds, to village mornings and evenings. There are even some poems about ghosts!

Scattered between the different sections of poetry are beautiful illustrations by Amelia Las Carling, a Guatemalan American illustrator. Extensively traveling through the K'iche' regions of the Guatemalan highlands inspired her art.