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Letras y sonidos

A Spanish Phonics Program

(Included in Volume One)

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When should I begin teaching my child phonics?

Every child moves from the emergent stage of literacy development (think of this as the pretend phase: pretending to read books, pretending to write with scribbles, etc.) to the beginning stage (using the alphabet and learning to "sound-out" words) at different times and ages. This program can be used whenever you feel your child is ready. If your child already knows how to read in English, it is recommended that you incorporate Spanish phonics instruction right away. Explicit phonics instruction benefits EVERYONE when learning a new language. This phonics program can even be used as a way for parents to learn alongside their children and gain confidence in their ability to read books aloud in Spanish.

Bring phonics to life by learning about animals native to Latin America with each letter and sound.

Photo #6 Phonics with Latin American Animals Beautiful Mundo.jpg
Photo #2 Canta las letras 123 Andrés Beautiful Mundo.jpg

Follow a music pathway through Canta las letras by 123 Andrés on Spotify.

Incorporate American Sign Language
(and some Latin American Sign Language) 

Photo #3 El abecedario Poster Beautiful Mundo.jpg

Play memory games, juegos de memoria, and others like "Matamoscas" and "¡Pesca!" to learn.

Add in an Optional 
Word Sort Resource

*purchased separately

Photo #4 Essential Spanish Word Sorts Beautiful Mundo.jpg

Worried about an immersive approach to teaching phonics in Spanish? 

Even though the worksheets are written completely in Spanish for an immersive learning experience, there is a bilingual answer key included with translations to help complete all of the workbook activities. 

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