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Letras y sonidos Phonics Program

Workbooks in both print and cursive are included in your purchase.

Letras y sonidos Phonics Program

  • Letras y sonidos is a phonics workbook introducing all the sounds of the Spanish alphabet, including open syllables. 70 workbook pages are included, along with a bilingual answer key (Spanish/English).


    The workbook begins with an introduction to phonics in Spanish, a page detailing several recommended instruction methods, templates for blending sheets, a music pathway through the album Canta las letras by 123 Andrés, and some additional notes and teaching tips. A page is also included providing useful phrases in Spanish to help you get started with immersive teaching in Spanish right away. An alphabet overview is also included featuring letter names and pronunciation of both the letter name and the sound they make. 


    Bring phonics to life with original illustrations highlighting animals native to Latin America that correspond with each letter and sound. Children can color the animals and practice writing the names of each animal.


    Two copies of the workbook are included in this download so that it can be taught in either print or cursive.

    Total workbook length: 94 pages


    Printable game cards featuring all of the letters and sounds featured in the workbook are also included in both print and cursive. 

    Simple game instructions to play "matamoscas," memory games, and "¡Pesca!" are also included.

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