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Please note:
Adjustments may still be made to this booklist prior to the release of the Volume Two curriculum.

This Amazon book list was primarily created as an easy way to browse through all of the recommended books used in the Volume Two curriculum. All of these books do not necessarily need to be purchased in order to use the curriculum. This list is simply provided as a visual guide. Beautiful Mundo was specifically designed with flexibility in mind and book selections can always be substituted with what is available to you.

Please know that great care has been taken in selecting and recommending these titles. Great emphasis was placed on choosing books with diverse characters and authors. 

A Note on Sourcing Books

Many of these titles can be found at local libraries and bookstores. I have also had success with purchasing them used through online used book retailers such as,, and If your library does not currently offer these titles, purchase requests can usually be submitted. Encouraging local libraries to carry more bilingual titles is also really wonderful!

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We recommend purchasing these because they will be used throughout the year.

Weekly Reading Selections

We recommend borrowing these because they are only featured for one week.

Buy your favorites later to keep at home!

Optional Additions & Suggestions