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What role should screens play in our life?

What role should they play in teaching our child a second language?

How can we raise healthy children in a tech-filled world?

Never before has it been so important for each of us to find the answers to these questions.

Here you will find book recommendations and reviews in two parts: 

1. An examination of the ever-increasing role technology is playing in our lives and in the education of our children with an emphasis on scientific research and statistics about the way screen use is impacting our brains and our well-being.

2. An uplifting assortment of perspectives, philosophies, and guides to help us consider how we can be living healthy, creative, and fulfilling lives.

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Language learning and the role technology plays in our lives and education is a great passion of mine. While I whole-heartedly believe the many people sounding the alarm bells about screen use are justified and their overuse is clearly harmful, I am not anti-technology, nor one to say that all screens are evil.


Rather than passing any judgment, I believe in sharing knowledge so that we can all make our own informed decisions. Our phones, computers, and televisions certainly aren't going anywhere. Being informed can ease our parental fear and help us to ensure that we find healthy paths for our own family, whatever that may look like.


On this page I simply hope to provide a starting point for anyone with concerns and share the resources I have found valuable as I attempt to navigate screen use in my own life and in raising my children in our tech-filled world.  

All of the books shared below are books that I have personally read from cover to cover and would recommend to those closest to me.

If you have recently read a life-changing book, or have any thoughts you want to share, I am always open to conversation and would love to hear about the resources you have found on your own journey. Please feel free to email me anytime.

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