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A Literature-Based Curriculum for Spanish
Language Learning at Home


Built on the foundational belief that children acquire language through meaningful interaction and play with their parents, teachers, and loved ones.


By playing games, acting out daily life activities, reading books and poetry, playing together, listening to music, learning finger plays and rhymes, crafting, and cooking we can immerse ourselves in both language and culture right at home.


Language, geography, and culture are intertwined and inseparable. Learning a language is more than memorizing words and grammar. We believe the goal is to teach our children not just how to speak Spanish, but what it means to speak Spanish.


Secular means that this curriculum does not assume a particular religious or world viewpoint. That does not mean it is anti-religious. We will encounter many different belief systems, cultural values, and life ways through our literature selections and studies.

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The belief that education is about fostering a love for learning and weaving that joy into childhood.
This curriculum is a blend of learning philosophies, including Charlotte Mason.

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Two full years of immersive Spanish language learning.

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 Featuring music from José-Luis Orozco, 123 Andrés, Elizabeth Mitchell & Suni Paz, Canticuénticos, Dúo Karma, Mariana Baggio, Sara Curruchich, and more!

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is possible regardless of your language ability or background.

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